12:49 a.m. 2005-01-26 I need to make money, alot and fast, during this week
a) Gamble
b) Sell everythiing I have from books to clothes to jewlery
c) Finish my friend's website
d) Take some pictures of my naked ass with a camera phone, send an email bomb, pray that it doesn't get to your mom's email somehow, place an entrance fee, hook up the site to your checking account, halt everything in 24 hours before hackers get to your money
e) Rent your home out as a club to a friend whose parents do not let him/ her have parties at his/her house
f) Have a Health and Beauty week at your house and give massages to your friend's Mom's for $50 a pop
g) Need to find a job again at a bar

Everything but options B and D sounds realistic.
Nothing sounds realistic.
With the amount of time I have, I probably should go with A, but if I really ccrack down on my two days off C or G could be an option.
D is a joke people
F is just plain lame